In the past 16 years, Luoyang Runcheng has never stopped advancing

Author: Runcheng pe  Time: 2018-08-21 14:15:34
Luoyang Runcheng Petrochemical Equipment has been established for 16 years. For 16 years runcheng has been engaged in designing and manufacturing oil and gas equipment. With the development of international market and the development of global business, Runcheng has received more attention and recognition from foreign users and partners.
In order to improve the quality of products and services, to better connect to the international market, our foreign trade personnel continue to learn product knowledge, technology is also constantly accumulating experience, use professional knowledge to provide users with the best solutions.
Runcheng Petrochemical Equipment has been adhering to the corporate vision of "providing high-quality, fast and cost-effective solutions to the world through R&D, intelligent management and new technologies". Since its establishment in 2004, runcheng has never stopped the pace of r&d and market development. At present, Runcheng keeps expanding its product line coverage and has basically improved the whole series of equipment for oil and gas treatment facilities. Runcheng aims to provide users with the best quality products and services. Every detail of the equipment from design, manufacturing, testing to shipment is adhering to the core value of "honesty and responsibility".
"Based in China, looking to the world", Runcheng Petrochemical Equipment will continue to innovate and develop new technologies to fully prepare for meeting more needs of users.